Finding Peace in Daily Life

Release control. We can’t control other people or circumstances. Everyone has the right to be and do whatever they please and it has nothing to do with us. So instead of trying to control them, choose how to engage with them. This is liberating to ourselves and others. Step off of the daily emotional roller-coaster. If traffic […]

Choosing Joy

Choosing joy is easier said than done. Its much easier when life cooperates with us. When life is an uphill battle, choosing joy isn’t so simple, but there are things that are universally true in regard to finding joy. Gratitude. One trick to this is to imagine yourself in a situation worse than someone else’s or […]

Cultivating Love

We enter into adult relationships looking for the love we had, or wish we had in childhood. This is an impossible goal. The right goal, is to love others that way. None of us will achieve this fully in our lifetime, but we can strive to get better at it. Love yourself first. We project […]

Finding Hope

When we as humans experience defeat or find ourselves in situations that we have no control, we may find that we’ve fallen into a state of apathy or hopelessness. It can be puzzling for those around us. Why wouldn’t we just find a job, make friends, or eat healthier. When we don’t have hope, we […]