Release control. We can’t control other people or circumstances. Everyone has the right to be and do whatever they please and it has nothing to do with us. So instead of trying to control them, choose how to engage with them. This is liberating to ourselves and others.

Step off of the daily emotional roller-coaster. If traffic is good, we are happy; if not we are frustrated. If we have money, we are at peace; if not we are anxious. We have to stop giving so much emotional energy to the conditions that surround us.

Give up people pleasing. Validation is good for all of us, but we may find ourselves relying too much on the appreciation of others. Start with smaller “No’s” and stop apologizing so much. But most of all, remember that our most important relationship is with God. If we are nourishing our spirit daily, we are more conscious of the much larger story beyond our current circumstances.